Thursday, 9 March 2017

An outdoor incident which created an impact

I am a nature lover and wild life enthusiast. I frequently go trekking to forests and mountains. It was in one of those trekking expeditions the incident occurred. I usually trek alone but once i had to accompany a group of people on trekking in the mountains. I have 2 liters water bottle with me in my bag-pack and the bottle is refilled when ever i find a water source. There were 10 men in the group and all were in their thirties. They were working as software engineers at different IT companies in Bangalore. After trekking for 3 km from the base of mountain we went deep into the forest area. All of us were thirsty. I quenched my thirst by drinking water from the metal bottle. The others had purchased plastic water bottles of a reputed MNC. All of them emptied one bottle each. Then the plastic bottles were thrown haphazardly on the ground where we had all sat. Being an old man and having seen the world i was not surprised by their action. Out of concern for environment i asked them why they had disposed the plastic bottles in such a manner. One of them said "I can see a heap of empty water bottles 100 yards from here near the large tree. It means that the bottles can be thrown any where. Why should we carry the empty bottles. We have many bottles with us and these empty bottles will unnecessarily add extra baggage to us. We have not done any wrong act. Other trekkers have also dumped the bottles and other trash here." The other persons in the group supported him. I asked them whether they were aware of the fact that plastic was non-biodegradable and it is harmful to the environment. All the persons just laughed and one of them said that they were aware of the facts. For the sake of convenience they had to throw away the plastic bottles. In the jungle they had freedom to do what ever they wanted and there was no monitoring authority to keep their activities in check. They had come for enjoyment and for recreation only and not to conserve the environment. The incident taught me many lessons. Some Indians require constant policing to behave like civilized people. Most of the educated people in the country care little about the environmental issues and give excuses for not maintaining cleanliness in the environment. They are intentionally ignorant and justify their action on clumsy grounds. I questioned myself whether these people were educated in the true sense. They had a university degree and a job in IT sector. They badly needed education about the environmental issues.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Creative sample

Majority of urbanites are sick of masala movies churned out in India. Are people ready to watch art movies? They have interest but not  the required will. Art movies are not everyone's cup of sugar water(not hot beverages). Watching them requires patience. As we are all aware, Indians of the present generation are highly mobile. Patience is a virtue and we lack it to watch the art movie.
We have no qualms what so ever sitting for long time in front of laptop or other electronic gadgets commenting on every like or liking every comment on the face book or other social media. We wait for hours together at traffic jams cursing tom,dick and harry using the English words Shakespeare did not dream of. How is it possible to watch a art movie which does not have irrelevant song and dance sequences or gravity-defying fights? There is no vulgar comedy and we find it difficult to appreciate humor. Do we? The music is melodious and pleasing. There are no dishum-dishum or dishkiyoon sounds. Number of characters are less and they have a powerful story to tell us. Are we ready?


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Smart phone

Smart phones have changed the world in a number of ways. People are now more dependent on phones for anything and everything. Communication between people has become cheap. The hugely popular whatsapp has enabled free international calls and people are using it for instant communication and sharing of videos,photos,documents.
There are more than 10 ways to improve the world with smart phone. Medically ill people can transmit their condition to hospitals/doctors on a regular basis without time consuming visits to the clinic. If the doctor senses an emergency the patient can visit the hospiatl for further treatment.
Smartphones enabled with 4G technology provide seamless entertainment round the clock. Free apps for smartphones enable different type of media to be played.
Students can use smartphone effectively for reading interactive ebooks. Online publishing benefits writers compared to the traditional style. There are no middle men between the reader and writer except the website.
Television and other gadgets,appliances can be controlled through smart phone apps. Scanner apps help to find deals in shopping and correct prices of products.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Event management in the 21st century

The success of event management is not just dependent on number of years a company has organized events. Past success alone does not guarantee success in present ventures. The market dynamics evolve continuously necessiating different strategies to be adopted for success.
The marketing strategy adopted by event planners/organizers includes mass email campaigns,social media and word of mouth publicity.More than fifty percent of planners believe that email marketing can increase the number of registrations. Some types of social media are underutilized by certain event planners. Others are more frequently used. Different types of social media can be used in unique ways by event planners to make the event a grand success.
More than fifty percent of event managers spend less than ten percent of the budget on the software used for event management. The involvement and interactions with audience during the event is a major factor which determines the event's success.
The event manager is under constant stress since he/she needs to manage different aspects related to the event. Availability of a software application which runs on multiple platforms simplifies the event manager's job in managing patrons,speakers,registration of the participants for the event among the other numerous tasks involved with organizing of the event. Advantages include higher efficiency in the execution of different tasks related to event,increase in revenue from ticket sales and value addition for the participants. Real-time surveys provide event organizers the required information regarding the participants satisfaction and experiences.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


Stereotyping is the greatest barrier to creativity and an artist should never play stereotype roles in the films. This is easier said than done. Once an artist transforms into a super star with a series of hit films, he starts playing only stereotyped roles. The audience wants him to play the same kind of character again and again on the silver screen. He also does not wish to experiment in intellectually challenging roles in the films. The superstar-turned-artist finds it difficult to switch over from playing stereotyped roles after some time. The height of absurdity has already observed in hindi films with superstars above the age of fifty romancing with heroines who are in their early twenties.
The stereotyped role of a romantic lover boy has crossed all limits of decency for the aging superstars. It is the combination of stupidity and arrogance on the part of the superstar to play in such roles and hurt the sensibilities of mature audiences. The so-called fans do not entertain any such logic and simply lap up whatever is dished out on the silver screen,irrespective of quality.
Not all audience appreciate this kind of crudity depicted in films. There are sensible audiences who appreciate quality films having a good story. The conclusion is mediocrity has taken over the actor in the selection of story as well as and other aspects of film making. In the process the super star transforms into a non-artist and loses shine in the box office. It is time the superstars changed over
to character roles befitting their age and spare the loyal audiences who want to see and appreciate the artist and not the superstar in their favourite heroes.
Mediocrity has definitely set in the hindi films with the stars occupying the centre stage and playing to the front benchers in the theatre or gallery while performing naively in the stereotyped roles. The story,director,production values,music,lyrics occupy a back stage. The image of the entire film industry is tarnished by the events. In the course of time, sensible audiences stop watching the movies.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Testing Fundamentals

The semiconductor industry faces number of challenges today. There is a demand for more functionality in every die. The most critical aspect is the ever increasing demand for reduced power consumption in mobile devices. The proliferation of high-speed serializers/deserializers has challenged the economics of testing and the strategies adopted for testing. Introduction of newer technologies implies different kind of failure mechanisms previously not encountered. Debugging has reached new levels of sophistication in a rush to capture the market place. The latest trend of 3D packaging technology demands advanced probe based testing.The testing of System on chip and System in package devices demands highest levels of functionality in the test equipment apart from lower cost.
Advantest V93000 series of test equipments have a dual combination of high-speed digital testing and accurate analog,RF measurement integrated into the test system. The features of the test equipment include scalable architecture,low noise effects,modular design among others.Investment optimization has been possible with the use of floating licenses. The application is shared among the users. The life cycle of the test equipment extends with regular development of the platform and the testing community utilizes the equipment to the maximum extent possible.The test systems are extensively used by Outsourced Assembly and Test companies,Integrated device manufacturers, leading foundries all over the world.



According to CIRP, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a vacuum process allowing material transfer in the form of vapor particles from a material source (target) to the substrate.(Bouzakis, Konstantinos-Dionysios,2014)
From the beginning of early 1960s,PVD been used in the fabrication of Integrated Circuits and other highly sensitive devices. PLCs (programmable logic controllers) were used in the early years as a part of PVD equipment. In the 1980s,the PLCs were replaced by computers in the PVD equipment. The process of integration of PVD equipment with computers however happened at a very slow pace. The PLC control platform remained as part of PVD equipment for some more years. In the mean time, due to limitations of PLC, critical tasks related to PVD were postponed. Using present day computing technologies, vacuum integrity is tracked and analyzed. Complex vacuum manipulation provides an angle-of-incidence control which was neither cost effective nor reliable in the earlier years. Deposition rate and thickness are measured in real-time and variations are easily compensated. The control system architecture with the computer as an integral part enhances process control. New software platforms enable development of the best graphical user interfaces. This maximizes performance and value. With the advent of Internet,remote controlling of operations in real time is possible. This has helped in PVD system design for the past 12 years. Design,development engineers routinely use the world wide web for data,voice and video transmissions. PVD technical services, today are through web cameras. Computer controlled PVD systems operate in clean room or controlled environment. Cleanliness and control over vacuum deposition maintains particulates at satisfactory levels. A recent development is the use of tablet computers for improved readouts. The tablet computers are mounted where data is clearly visible. With the availability of cellular network service, required files are transmitted as and when required during the operations. A tablet computer can also be used for clean-room applications like residual gas analysis and leak detection. In conclusion, it is stated that computerization has led to increased productivity(Malocsay).
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